2011: 93. Chronicles of Avonlea

"Anne Shirley was curled up on the window seat of Theodora Dix's sitting-room one Saturday evening, looking dreamly afar at some fair starland beyond the hills of sunset." ~ First lines of "The Hurrying of Ludovic"

Chronicles of Avonlea, L.M. Montgomery

     Although I always enjoyed these short stories as a kid (and do today), I always thought that the  "Avonlea" aspect was a little forced.  Like you'd be going along, reading about how, oh Old Lady Llyod was suffering in her noble poverty, and boom! there would be some reference like "the only other girl I ever saw with eyes like that was that strange little orphan that the Cuthbert's adopted" or something.  As an adult it was abundantly clear that these were stories she'd already written, with Avonlea shoe horned it, so I was pleased with my powers of deduction when I read her journal and found out that was exactly the case.  In fact, I believe they were the settlement after she had to go court to escape her ex-publisher.  And that explains why the stories are pretty good - she obviously curated her backlog for her best efforts - but the Avonlea aspect is thin on the ground.*  But if you don't mind the false advertising, they are pretty good stories - and I liked re-reading them.

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*In case you don't know, Avonlea is the town where Green Gables is. 

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