2011: 94. Magic for Marigold

"Once upon a time - which, when you come to think of it, is really the only proper way to begin a story - the only way that really smacks of romance and fairyland - all the Harmony members of the Leslie clan had assembled at Cloud of Spruce to celebrate Old Grandmother's birthday as usual."

Magic for Marigold, by L.M. Montgomery

     If you want evidence that I grew up in the golden days of Montgomery fandom, consider this - I bought this book in a bookstore when I was a kid - probably a B. Dalton's at the mall - and I couldn't get a photo of Amazon to put up above.  I'm sure you can get a used copy of Marigold, if you are so inclined, but not too easily.   

   I put off the re-read of Marigold. I'd remembered it as one of the worst, most cloying Montgomery novels.  And that is unfair - actually, I have to say, one thing the re-read project made me realize is, with the exception of Kilmeny, I've really enjoyed all the Montgomery books,* even the ones I had remembered as being sort of drippy.  This one is a case in point.  The fact is, it ends with Marigold herself only about six years old, so as a heroine, Marigold isn't that impressive.**  But her family - the Leslie clan, with his family home, it's traditions, Old and Young Grandmother, all that is super fun.  And the part about her father's first wife, Clementine, and how Marigold hates her memory, is just a great (and emotionally true!) story.  So, I like re-reading Marigold, and if you could get a copy, you probably would, too.

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*well, some of the thematic short story books are sort of boring, but since she didn't put them together, and because she wrote the stories to get paid, I can't really fault Maud for them sort of sucking wind. 

** And the last chapter is about how Marigold will wait around and be available for a little male friend whenever he needs her, which is a lot for a feminist to swallow.  The actual last line of the book is, "And I'll always be here for him to come back to," she thought.  BARF.

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