2011: 96. Akin to Anne

"Charlotte had made up her mind to see the Witch Penny about it." ~ First line of "Charlotte's Quest"

Akin to Anne, L.M. Montgomery

      Another subject matter short story collection - indeed, the first one.  This one is all about orphans, though they range in age from little kids to lonely old ladies.  Some are poor, some are rich, some are estranged from family, some are adopted by strangers, but all the stories are about lonely people finding love.   Like all the subject matter stories they vary in quality, and the sometimes echo stuff from the novels, but they are sweet stories, and I enjoyed them.  They are little heavy-handed, and lots of them rely on coincidental reconnections between long-lost family members, but I guess on a small island, in a time without modern communication, you can almost believe in it.  Also, there are so, so many girls named Worth.  What a strange name to keep coming back to!! But, you know, these are quibbles about a sweet collection. 

Categories:  Fiction, Re-Read, L.M. Montgomery Project

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