2011: 97. Emily's Quest

"No more cambric tea" had Emily Byrd Starr written in her diary when she had come to New Moon from Shrewsbury, with her high school days behind her and immortality before her."

Emily's Quest, by L.M. Montgomery

      The third and final book in the Emily series , this tells us of what happened to Emily after she graduated from high school, and tried to make it as a writer.  It my least favorite of the series, largely because it's sort of depressing.  Emily does, eventually triumph, but she suffers some tough years - and the whole thing about her love affair with Teddy Kent is so, so grim, that even though SPOILER it ends well, it sort of sours things for me.  Also, Teddy himself does nothing for me - he's a spoiled cypher, really.   Emily could do better - not that old creepoid, Dean, but really the best guy in the whole thing is Perry - Ilse knew what she was doing when she ran off and left Teddy at the alter (that's right, this book has Emily's best friend almost marrying her lover.  Crap , right?).  Anyway, Emily is still Emily and I do like her and her family, but it does end the series on a down note.

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