2011: 98. The Doctor's Sweetheart

"Emily Fair got out of Hiriam Jameson's wagon at the gate." ~ First line of "Emily's Husband"

The Doctor's Sweetheart and Other Stories, L.M. Montgomery

     Another collection of short stories.  This one was collected in the 1970's, though, and unlike our subject matter ones, it's more of a "best-of" collection.  All the stories are pretty good, is what I'm saying (my only quibble is with the title story, and that only because is so, so similar to a story in either Chronicles of Avonlea or Further Chronicles that I'm surprised the editor couldn't come up with something else.).  I particularly liked the story I quote above,* in which Emily and Stephen Fair's marriage is torn apart by her jealous sister and his poisonous mother. Obviously this is a theme she played with again in Jane of Lantern Hill, but she's so good at it.  Montgomery, probably because of her sad upbringing, was obviously very familiar with the ways that family members can cut each other down.  I hope that in her own life she was able to triumph over petty ugliness the way her characters were able to (though from reading her journals I suspect she was not).   Anyway, if you are causally interested in Montgomery, this is a pretty good collection, to get a feel for her stories, but not have to read, oh 15 stories in a row about the sea.

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* In fact, I liked enough that I re-read it while I was blogging about this book!

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