2011: 99. Summer Switch

Summer Switch, Mary Rodgers

       This is the sequel to Freaky Friday, and while it isn't as famous, it is just as good in the same very funny/cool 1970's way (though this was actually published in 1982, so shows what I know!).  In this one, Annabel's brother Ben (aka Ape Face) switches places with their dad, Bill.  Unlike Freaky Friday, which was the Annabel show, here the chapters alternate between Ben and Bill's point of view, so we see the 13 year old trying to make it as a Hollywood exec, and the 40 year old reliving his past at Camp Soonawissakit.  It's just a gem of a book, as the two learn to understand themselves and each other better, while still being very, very funny.  It's worth seeking out alone for the scene when Bill (in Ben's body) and his friend Duck Levine try to escape camp and pretend to be CB truckers.

Categories: Fiction, YA, Re-Read

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