2015: Duma Key 

Duma Key, Stephen King - This summer, while we were up at my folks' place in Maine, my husband was on his annual "let's pretend I will read a work of fiction kick" this summer,* and asked me if he should read Heart of Darkness, or the short stories of Guy de Maupassant.  I told him, in all honesty, we should go to the used bookstore and get something by Stephen King.  I mean, you might as well get something you are actually going to read, if you only read one work of fiction a year.**  So off we went, and he bought Different Seasons (and actually read "Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption" and half of "The Body", so whatever, I was totally right).  And I bought Duma Key.

And I enjoyed the hell out of it. I'm an Uncle Stevie fan, as y'all know, and I missed this one when it came out.  And it's not like, The Stand or 'Salem's Lot, or even 11/22/63.  But it's pretty good late period King.  Mr. Mercedes level, for sure.  It's the story of Edgar, who was a contractor in his old life - until he was in a terrible accident (shades of King, of course).  He abandons his old life in Minnesota, and moves to Florida, where he takes up drawing.  And then terrible things ensue, because, a duh, this is a Stephen King novel.  

I really really liked the beginning with Edgar dealing with his accident, and his new life, and his losses.  And I liked it slowly getting creepy, and the stuff about his art.  I was a little disappointed in the solution to the horror stuff - the "what happened in the past" part is deliciously creepy, but the actual monster was sort of a let down.  And a sad and terrible thing happens at the end, which I should have expected but still caught me.  Damn you, King!!  But over all if you like big overstuffed King novels, I am sure you'd like this one. 

*It's ok, he doesn't read this blog.  We can say whatever we like. 

** To be fair, he reads a lot of magazines and newspapers.  I mean, I read magazines, newspapers, and books, but whatever.***

*** To be totally fair, he also reads a lot of C.F.R. and statutes.

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