2015: Finders Keepers

“Wake up, genius.”

Finder Keepers, Stephen King

This is an extremely entertaining King.  It’s a sequel of sorts to Mr. Mercedes, (and I think its actually going to be a trilogy, based on some comments on Amazon), in that the same detective is involved, so you could read Mr. Mercedes first (and you should! That was good too).  But I don’t think you need to read the first to enjoy this - there is enough backstory here to let you just jump into the story.  And the story is a good one - it opens in the home of Salinger-esque writer, living in isolation in New Hampshire.  He wrote three of the most beloved books in American history (at least by young men who like anti-heroes), and then disappeared into the countryside, turning his back on publishing and fame (so, very, very Salinger-esque).  As the novel opens, he faces a home invasion.  At first he thinks they just want the cash in his safe - but it turns out, one of the invaders is a fan - an angry fan - and wants the notebooks the author has been squirreling away all these years.  Complications, of course, ensue, and then we are off to the races.

So, I liked the central story - not really a mystery, because we know whodunnit the whole way through, but definitely a thriller, as we figure out what exactly is going to happen, and why.  And it’s fun to see King playing with the idea of fandomn again - Misery is a favorite of mine.  The writing is pretty typical late period King, so you know what you’re going to get, but I have to say, I really enjoyed reading this one.  Very excited to hear there is going to be at least one more in this series (especially with the sort of cliffhanger-y ending).  

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