2015: Girl Waits With Gun

“Our troubles began in the summer of 1914, the year I turned thirty-five.”

Girl Wait With Gun, Amy Stewart

Oh, this is a delightful read! I’ve seen this book around, and have almost bought it a number of times because the cover and title is so cool, so when I saw it on the library speed read shelf I had to get it.  And I was not disappointed! I tore through this book - read it basically in one seating.  Go ahead and get this book guys, if you like mysteries and if you like tough heroines.  This book is about Constance Knopp, who one day was driving to town with her sisters in their buggy and gets into a crash with a car.  And when she tries to collect on her money for her ruined property, she begins to be harassed by the driver, a local silk merchant named Henry Kaufman, who turns out to be a minor league ganster.  And trouble ensues, and it is so, so good.  Constance is a real character trying to make it (with her sisters) alone in a man’s world - and that part feels real - not just modern spunky heroine stuff, but a real woman grappling in the 1920’s with women’s limited options.  I very very much wish this was the beginning of a series, though it also feels complete on its own.

The reason I think it won’t be a series is because, as I didn’t realize this when I was reading, but it was based on a true story! Constance really existed!! Which made me sort of gleefully happy  (which is kind of terrible because bad things happened and its sad that such things really happened).  The idea that such a marvelous woman existed, and fought for her and her family and took care of business is charming. I really like this one.

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