2015: Miss Phryne Fisher

My delightful friend, Abbey, who is kind and generous, sent me these lovely Miss Fisher books in the mail one day, and I absolutely gobbled them down.  If you aren't familiar with Miss Fisher from her pretty delightful (if you are an old lady like me) television series, she is a pip, and you should get to know her.  Set in the 1920's Miss Fisher is an hon (i.e. her dad is a noble), and she's loaded, and she comes back to Melbourne where she grew up poor (her dad just inherited the title recently), and decides to become a lady detective.  And she is stylish, and smart, and flies a plane, and sleeps around and is a general delight.  In one of these mysteries she busts up a cocaine ring, in the other she solves a kidnapping with an airplane - how can that not be fun?

Look, if you like your mysteries plausible, you aren't going to enjoy these.  They are straight up wish fulfillment fluff - Miss Fisher is a total Mary Sue, and everyone she meets is pretty black and white either a Phryne fan or a total evil doer.  BUT, if you just want to read something that is absolutely F.U.N. fun - particularly if you enjoy the jazz tales of the roaring twenties - then do yourself a favor and dip into the Fisher pool.  It's not not realistic, but it's a total joy.

© Carrie Dunsmore 2017