On Magazines and Other Reading

     Although this labelled a book blog, I thought I'd take a break from straight up book reviewing to talk about other reading habits - namely, magazines and newspapers.  Currently, I read a hard copy of The Washington Post (almost) every morning - which is a mixed blessing when I get to work and realized I've already read it all, but is absolutely satisfying when sitting at my dining room table with a cup of coffee.  I'm a sucker for the Metro section - and not only because, since I've moved to Chevy Chase (DC!) I've made friends with three Post writers.  One of the covers the dinosaur and gambling beat - how funny is that? Everytime we see a dinosaur article we look, and yup, it's our friend.  Since everyone I know is basically a boring old lawyer, it adds an extra frisson of joy to getting the news.  So, everyone should go out and subscribe to the Post, because print journalism is a dying medium, and I will miss the paper if it goes.

    This family (read: my husband)  also subscribes to the Wall Street Journal, which I vocally disdain because if its editorial positions, and then, because I am a hypocrite, grab the Friday arts section every week as if the house was on fire because I love the crossword puzzle and the theater reviews.  I do not read the "Mansion" section that is tucked in there, which is a real estate section aimed at billionaires.  Evidently enough billionaires read the WSJ to make this worth printing, but lord, it's gross.

     On to magazines! I've been reading The New York Review of Books since my sister gave me a gift subscription about seven years ago.  It took me a while to get into it (I had to learn to give myself permission to skip the articles that bored me), but now I'm a superfan.  Although I very, very rarely read a review therein and go get the actual book, I love the long form pieces.  I will note that every edition of the NYRB has one articule about climate change, one about Iraq/Afghanistan and one about either the Holocaust or Palestine, but there is something comforting about that.  It's like death and taxes.

    We get a couple other magazines that I dabble in - the Atlantic, which I read when it's not going about how women's lives are so terrible, and National Geographic, and Runner's World (for him, not me, bien sur), and various alumni magazines, which are fun, but lately two very different weekly magazines have entered my life, and I find I look forward to both each week.

The first is The New Yorker.  I resisted it for year (despite reading all sorts of great linked articles on the web) because it was too New York-y, and while I love the Big Apple, I am not a fan of the New York is the center of the universe mindset (don't even get me started about the New York Times Style section).  But, as you know, I have spent a lot of time in doctor's offices lately,  and if there is one thing you see in doctor's offices it's old New Yorkers.  Call it Stockholm Syndrome, but I caved, and started subscribing, and I love it.  I even laugh at the cartoons, sometimes.  I know, it's terrible.  But it really is a great magazine. 

The second is just embarassing, but my dear aunt subscribed me to People.  Now, I am the girl who cancelled her subscription to Entertainment Weekly because it was getting too fluffy, but damn if I'm not enjoying reading People each week.  The pictures are glossy, it takes twenty minutes (you can certainly read it in one bath), the articles contain literally no content.  I am getting all my Prince George news, let me tell you that.  Seriously though, it's stupid fluff, but it totally satisfies me for the twenty minutes I read it each week.  Thanks, People.

Now, if anyone has got this far, please fess up to some embarassing magazine you read to make me feel better.

© Carrie Dunsmore 2017