Reading Resolutions

Better late than never, I thought I'd write out my reading/blogging resolutions for 2014.  Some years I have had very elaborate reading goals, but this year, given all that's going on, I'm going to keep it simple.

1.  Keep blogging! I enjoy it, I like going back and seeing what I've read, etc. etc.  I was going to have a so many posts per week goal, but that seemed over ambitious, given what happened in 2012/2013!

2.  FINALLY finish the Modern Library Project. I've been working on it since oh, about 2005 (oh my God, nine years!!)  I am actually way closer than the current post suggests - which leads to #3…

3.  Finish copying over my archives.  It's boring and time consuming, but I started this blog in 2005, and I only have up to half of 2009 up here.  Once I have my archives up I'll know how far I am with the various blog projects and maybe I can maybe  knock one out!

That's it - should be doable, no? I have all sorts of other ideas for things I'd like to do with this blog, but will not commit them to print at this time, as pride goeth before a fall, etc. etc.  

What about you all - do you all have any reading goals this year? 

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