2015: The Ghost Network

“It was the morning after a record-setting rainstorm.”

The Ghost Network, Catie Disabato

This is an entertaining little mystery, even if it doesn’t quite stick the landing.  The story is about Molly Metropolis, a famous Lady Gaga-esque pop star who suddenly disappeared one day, and about Cait Taer, a journalist who become obsesses about trying to figure out what happened to her. It’s very meta - the book is about Cait’s quest for Molly, written by some one named Cyrus Archer who was examining what eventually happens to Cait - and annotated by Catie Disabato (the author).  So you need to be patient with that sort of thing, if this book is to work for you.  But if you can get through the layers, the book is pretty fun.  We follow Cait as she tries to figure out what happened to Molly, and it’s fun to read all about Molly, and her larger than life pop existence, as well as her interest in surrealist philosophy.  As I said above, I found the end a wee bit unsatisfying (though I can’t think of what else the author could have done to end the book, so maybe I’m being unfair), but I enjoyed the ride to get there. 

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